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Native Mail Cross

italian specs

The Native Mail Cross mobile format is a product made up of 2 formats: Slink and Native App provided by Italiaonline.
All urls, redirects and tracking must be provided in https. Any materials NOT https will be excluded from the delivery.
Send the creatives by email to with a copy of the Italiaonline Sales Account at least 3 working days before publication. In the subject of the emails, indicate the order ID and description (Ex: LB_012345 – Advertiser name Product name Month/Year); in the absence of the order ID, indicate the description (see details in the creativity policy).

Available On

Libero Mail, Libero Mail App, Virgilio Mail, Virgilio Mail App

Slink spcifications

Image format PNG, GIF
Image 1
(rectangular format)
Minimum size 1200×627
Image 2
(square format)
Maximum image weight 1) Desktop: 200 KB
2) Mobile: 12 KB 25 characters including spaces
Title 30 characters including spaces
Text 70 characters including spaces (the use of words in UPPERCASE is not permitted)
(only for desktop)
Redirect No: the format is managed directly by Italiaonline
Advertiser Max 25 characters

Native App Click to site spcifications

Headline Refers to the product name (maximum 25 characters)
Body Refers to the text of the advertisement (maximum 50 characters)
Logo GIF, JPEG, PNG (the images must not have transparency but a flat colored background)
Logo size 128×128 px
Maximum Weight Icon in the App 25 KB
Call to Action See
Redirect No: the format is managed directly by Italiaonline.
Advertiser Max 25 characters


It is possible to manage the creatives with a single tracking or with two separate trackings: one for the Slink and one for the Native App Click to Site. In both cases, specify in the emails if there are one or two and which creativity you want to associate them with.


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