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HTML5 Guidelines

General Specifications

Due to the change in browsers’ settings which limit Flash content displayed on web pages, Italiaonline then requires creativities must be made in HTML5.

template html5

HTML5 creativities are accepted in the following ways:

Third-party tags (mandatory for rich media formats)

HTML5 creativity is delivered from a third party server. For rich media creativities all formats must be previously certified.

DoubleClick Studio creativity

HTML5 creativity is pushed on ADserver directly from DoubleClick Studio.

DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM inred) creativity

HTML5 creativity is delivered through the DoubleClick Campaign Manager of the media center or agency.

Self-contained (embedded) HTML5 creativity

HTML5 creativities not expandable delivered through a single snippet. Self-contained creativities are sent in a single file with all elements embedded in within the HTML code. The HTML file must be compliant to the W3C standard.

HTML5 Bundle creativity

HTML5 creativity provided in a zip file with primary HTML page and others files to support erogation (images, style sheets, Javascript files, etc.).

General rules:

  • Provide separately tracking codes for clicks (one only) and impressions (maximum two).
  • For standard formats, the maximum weight load of the initial file is 200 KB.

Instructions to implement the clickTAG inside the creativity

Both in case of HTML5 Self-Contained and HTML5 Bundle you have to associate the click event to the ClickTags variable straight in HTML. You can insert a single ClickTags for each creativity.
Inside the .html file (for HTML5 Bundle, only inside the primary one), if not already in, the following instructions have to be added at the bottom of HEAD section:

<script type="text/javascript">var clickTag = ""; </script>

In the DIV or HREF that contain the whole creativity, if not already in, is needed to add the following instruction (through appropriate onclick event or handler, depending on the adopted tool):;

Example (valid for using Adobe Edge):

<div id="Stage" class="EDGE-14947314"></div>

Warning! The HTML5 creativity (Google AD Manager native) does not support the GDPR parameters in the click-tag. So in order to provide the click-tag with all the GDPR macros inside the HTML5 creativity, going through redirect service (such as Sizmek, adForm, Weborama, etc.) is needed.