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Our people are the key to continue to be the first Italian internet company and maintain the level of excellence we have gained over the years.

For us, it is crucial to “think digital“, combining creativity with technology, always remembering that Italiaonline works on products and services delivered to users’ devices 24 hours a day. And we are measured by the success of our offer.

Whoever enters Italiaonline finds an open, non-discriminatory working environment capable of offering all the same opportunities based on merit.

Who works with us wants to get involved, know how to propose ideas, decide and act quickly, love to face and win new challenges in a constantly evolving market. We need motivated and dynamic people who share our values ​​and enthusiasm for what we do.

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Our values

Value for the customer

These are our 6 new values, forming the pillar of the Charter of values and behaviours of the Italiaonline group. A Charter realized in a choral way, with the help of Italiaonline people. Now we are ready to share it with everyone.

Each value is associated with behaviour aimed at three types of stakeholder: Italiaonline people, customers, partners and suppliers. Our compass to guide us every day in our relationships inside and outside the company. It says a lot about us: if you want to read it, you can find it here.