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CPC Perf Quantum Crossdevice

italian specs

The CPC Perf Quantum Crossdevice is a Quantum adv product consists of a Native responsive format.
All the creativities delivered in redirect, tracking pixel included, must be provided in https. Creativities not conforming to https will be not published.
Send creativities by email to with reference to Italiaonline Sales Account in copy: at least 3 working days before publication. In the subject of the email, please indicate order ID and description (Ex: LB_012345 – Advertiser Name – Product Name – Month/Year): in absence of order ID, indicate the description (see the creativity policy for details).

Available On

Libero, Virgilio, Buonissimo, DiLei, QuiFinanza, SiViaggia, Supereva

Native responsive format specifications

Title max 25 characters spaces included
Body max 150 characters spaces included
Icon (not mandatory) 1:1
Image 1200×627 px;
max 200 kb;
Sponsored by max 25 characters spaces included (brand of advertisement)

Best practice Native Responsive format


  • Use an evocative image not focused on product, but calling to some action
  • Write complete sentences
  • Give as much information as you can in summary
  • Use humor or ask questions in order to arouse the interest of the audience and capture their attention
  • Make a promise to propose a solution for a need

To avoid:

  • No text or logo must appear into the evocative images
  • No price should appear in titles
  • The brand name must not appear in the titles
  • Do not exceed the recommended number of characters

Link and tracking


URL must be sent separately to Italiaonline. It’s necessaty each creativity to have a single URL associated and only the final URL.

Tracking  – Click count

You can use third-party tags for tracking clicks, following the directions in the Redirect chapter, or alternatively you can provide clickcommand (tracking URLs).

Tracking – Impression count

Allowed trackings for the impressions.


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