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DEM Performance

italian specs

DEM Italiaonline (Libero or Virgilio) must be sent in HTML format.
Send the creatives by email to with a copy of the Italiaonline Sales Account at least 5 working days before publication. In the subject of the email, indicate the order ID and description (Ex: LB_012345 – Advertiser name Product name Month / Year); in the absence of the order ID, indicate the description. For details on the disclaimer, please refer to the “Approval and responsibility” section of the creativity policy.
All creatives, including tracking pixels, must be provided in https. Any NON https materials will be excluded from delivery.


Available On

Libero Mail, Virgilio Mail


  1. When the brief is received it will be necessary to indicate, by writing to and, the destination url/landing page of the DEM.
  2. Once the destination url/landing page has been processed, the pixel script will be provided to be inserted in the customer’s thankyoupage.
  3. Within 5 days of sending, the customer will provide the dem material in .html format and including tracking codes in the dedicated thread to

General information

Redirect Not allowed
Object Provide  text with a maximum length of 45 characters including spaces
Sender The sender of the email will be “IOL for AliasFornito” for the dem sent on a DB owned by Italiaonline. It will not be possible to send the email with the sender exclusively “AliasFornito” without IOL. Provide an Alias with a maximum length of 25 characters including spaces, in lower case, which identifies the advertising message and / or the advertiser brand.

HTML DEM specifications

Format An * .HTML file (dynamic formats such as ASP, NET, PHP, etc. are not supported) containing the DEM text and including the landing/tracking link.
The material must be responsive (with 100% width and 100% height) for a correct display on the various devices that does not compromise the performance of the campaign.
Images (mandatory) The images in JPG, GIF, PNG format, it is preferable that they are recalled directly in HTML with absolute path in secure protocol (https).
Images linked to social media are NOT allowed.
Maximum weight HTML + images 100 KB
CSS (stylesheets) The use of CSS is not allowed due to security policies: the webmail automatically changes or ignores the “CSS” styles.
Inline styles It’s possible to use inline styles within individual HTML elements.
Recommended background We recommend the use of white background even if it’s possible to use the HTML colored background.
TAG not allowed striped_HTML_tag=3D | ilayer…/ilayer | iframe…/iframe | script…/script | app=…/app | sound…/sound | bsound…/bsound | frameset…/frameset | frame…/frame | base…/base | embed…/embed | javascript | bgsound…/bgsound | form…/form
Link The tracking or landing page present within the DEM must necessarily be unique, repeated in each image or CTA that you want to make clickable. If it is necessary, for legal purposes, to insert a disclaimer at the end of the creativity, the only accepted link will be the one used in the various linkable parts within the HTML.
In the event that the communication contains further links (see generic sites, company data, etc.) they will be allowed only in textual form.Images linked to social media are NOT allowed.Any path present in the html code must be in https.

Link and tracking


The links must have a maximum length of 255 characters and be provided within the HTML code. Each link must consist of a domain (eg:…) or an equivalent click command, not an IP address (eg: http: //123.156.789…). The tracking pixels must be in https as well as for url with absolute path. Any NON https materials will be excluded from delivery. Links to social pages of any kind are not allowed.

Tracking – Click count


The count of the final clicks will be communicated to the customer upon request, through the official report signed and accredited by the Tune supplier.

Tracking – Impression count

Optional, in case it must always be included in the HTML.

Optimization and visualization

The DEMs sent by Italiaonline are optimized for correct viewing on webmail ( and, on Internet Explorer 7 and later browsers, or via the main e-mail clients.


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