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Italiaonline presents LiberoGaming

Italiaonline, Italy’s leading internet company, presents LiberoGaming: a magazine, but also a thematic HUB dedicated to the world of videogaming and eSports, designed for practising gamers, enthusiasts and the merely curious, as well as for industry insiders

In Italy, in 2023, the number of gaming enthusiasts has far exceeded 15 million people* and LiberoGaming was created to satisfy the growing demand for high quality content in this evolving sector.

Within LiberoGaming ample space is dedicated to previews, video reviews, product sheets and news on all the main novelties in the sector, as well as a section dedicated to the initiatives and communication projects of companies and brands in the Gaming & Entertainment segment. The site also provides up-to-date information on tournaments, industry events and product launches thanks to the daily work of a specialist editorial staff and a team of professional gamers/streamers.

Libero Gaming also aims to create a community around gaming, with content, columns and formats, giving voice to personalities and stars from the multifaceted world of Gaming.

The channel’s distinctive feature is its immersiveness, as video and streaming – including coverage of live events, interviews with professional players and tournament highlights – allow users to fully immerse themselves in the world of eSports; without neglecting the educational aspect, as LiberoGaming offers guides, tutorials and educational resources to help newcomers or aspiring players learn the basics of eSports and improve their skills, while extolling the healthy values of sport and competition.

The advertising offer, on Young target, includes not only media and content but also the possibility to sponsor online and offline events and tournaments in collaboration with partner King Esport, one of the most active and innovative gaming companies on the Italian market.

Domenico Pascuzzi, Publishing & VAS Director of Italiaonline, says: “The world of videogames, and that of eSports in particular, is extremely dynamic and constantly expanding, both in terms of the community of spectators and fans, and in terms of advertising investments by brands that consider the Gaming Generation target increasingly strategic. Libero Gaming aims to become a reference point for this sector with a very innovative magazine, which dialogues with all the players in the industry and gives ample space to the numerous initiatives, competitions, fairs and tournaments that animate and characterise this world. From the point of view of the advertising offer, Libero Gaming allows different ways of engaging the target audience, from the more traditional media and branded content to the more innovative ones based on the sponsorship of tournaments and special initiatives.”

* Newzoo statistics, compiled in the Global Games Market Report 2023.

NB This is a translation of the Italian press release.