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Our digital mosaic

Publishing & Advertising

Editorial products and online services

The most visited national web portals and verticals, the most used emails by Italians: every day we provide online content and services to millions of people through our brands, which make up the network of sites with the largest audience in Italy.


All the most advanced online advertising solutions: here is our dealership.

With iOL Advertising we offer companies and big brands a wide range of online advertising solutions, techniques and planning that reach the consumer at every stage of the purchasing decision-making process: all supported by Italy’s largest audience and top market performance indicators.

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Web & Business Solutions

Online present and future: everything for the digital growth of companies.

Italiaonline offers all the tools to help Italian companies grow in the digital world. We understand the needs of SMEs and know how to meet them: technological know-how and a widespread network in the country, allow us to offer every company all the services needed to develop their online business. From online visibility to having a sales channel, we have a world of digital solutions to offer our customers.

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In REte

With InRete we offer companies a one-stop solution to manage, strengthen and make their business digital identity more visible across all major online touchpoints.


We build websites for businesses, with standard or 100% customized solutions, and provide platforms for DIY professional websites.

online advertising

With a wide range of proposals, we carry out display, search and social advertising, lead generation and direct marketing campaigns


We build e-commerce sites with modular catalog platforms or with fully customized custom solutions.

Social media and content

Sviluppiamo progetti di comunicazione con social media management, influencer marketing, video content production, shooting fotografici, creazione di app e piattaforme video.

TV and Cinema Advertising

Not only web: we also offer traditional offline advertising solutions that enable the development of 360° communication strategies.

In REte

Con InRete offriamo alle aziende una soluzione unica per gestire, rafforzare e rendere più visibile l’identità digitale della propria attività su tutti i principali punti di contatto online.


Realizziamo siti web per le aziende, con soluzioni pacchettizzate oppure customizzate al 100%, e forniamo piattaforme per la creazione fai da te di siti professionali.

pubblicità online

Con un’ampia gamma di proposte, realizziamo campagne di advertising display, search e social, di lead generation e di direct marketing 


Realizziamo siti e-commerce con piattaforme modulari a catalogo o con soluzioni su misura completamente personalizzate.

Social media e contenuti

Sviluppiamo progetti di comunicazione con social media management, influencer marketing, video content production, shooting fotografici, creazione di app e piattaforme video.

Pubblicità TV e Cinema

Non solo web: offriamo anche soluzioni di pubblicità offline tradizionale che permettono di sviluppare strategie di comunicazione a 360°.


Online Directories & Local Marketplace

With the PagineGialle and PagineBianche directories, the online quotes and marketplace of services of PagineGialle Casa (Home), the medical appointment bookings of PagineBianche Salute (Health) and the maps and info of Tuttocittà, we connect the needs of citizens to the needs of businesses. Where our users find what they are looking for and our customers find new business opportunities.


To find nearby companies and businesses

PagineGialle Casa

For quotations in the home industry


To find people and professionals


To discover maps and itineraries