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The number one portal in Italy is the Internet portal that every is the starting point of the navigation for millions of users. It offers content and services of various types: webmail, search engine, news, thematic channels, videos, community and other online services, for individuals and businesses.

Libero has marked the history of the Italian web since its origins. It was born in 1994 under the name Italia On Line, as a guide for users in assisting with e-mail configuration and Web surfing. In 1996, in collaboration with Olivetti and the University of Pisa, it develops Arianna, the first Italian-language search engine. Then in 1998 it gives birth to the Digiland community, a pioneering social platform for publishing articles, creating blogs and chatting.

The current brand debuted in 1999 and was immediately a great success, driven by the free webmail offered to its users: a winning move that currently makes Libero the first player in Italy in terms of number of active mailboxes.

Since then Libero has never stopped growing and evolving, until it became the digital ecosystem it is today.


Email, mail  app (Libero Mail), advanced mail services(Mail Plus), professional (Mail Business) and certified (Mail PEC).

Content Publisher

News, thematic channels including Libero Tecnologia, videos, search engine and much more: is a perfect mix of infotainment and utilities.


Blogs, chat, dating and other exclusive features: Digiland, the free community for all Libero accounts.

A world of digital services, for individuals and businesses.

Email, cloud space, certified e-mail, electronic invoicing, productivity tools: Libero Premium offers a range of tools and platforms dedicated to the daily digital activities of individuals, freelancers and small and medium-sized businesses.

And on the consumer side, to its millions of users Libero also offers online payment services (Libero Pay), confidential special offers (Libero Club), comparative shopping guides and tests (Libero Shopping), online games (Libero Fun), and car, home, and job listings (Libero Annunci, Classifieds).