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Our editorial approach: technical but no technicalities

Virgilio Motori is the most read online magazine in the Automotive segment. Undisputed reference for all those who, out of passion or curiosity, daily approach the world of 2 and 4 wheels or who are in the delicate phase of choosing a new car or motorcycle to buy.

Expertise, focus and clarity

A specialized team reports daily on the world of Automotive with accessible and clear language, putting the reader at the center. Search queries strongly and clearly show readers’ informational and practical needs, which the editorial team knows how to grasp and satisfy through in-depth and topical content.

Not only useful information and headlines

In addition to informative content, there are also tutorials, video guides and trivia by the editorial staff specialists. From data sheets on the car list of new models, to the weekly appointment with TG Motori (Motor News) on industry trends, through in-depth coverage on topics related to car maintenance and safe driving to Smart Mobility.

Exclusive videos and images accompanying the news and reports are now a distinctive must for Virgilio Motori’s editorial strategy.