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Digital, feminine, singular.

DiLei is the 100% online magazine most loved by Italian women. Launched in 2013, DiLei is designed and produced by a team that is constantly listening to the present, in all its nuances. DiLei puts the woman at the center. A real woman, struggling with daily commitments but who does not give up her interests, keeping up to date, having her say, dreaming.

DiLei is made and loved by women who choose for themselves and their families.

One magazine, a thousand shades.

On the side of women, every day

Beauty (hair, make-up, skin care, fragrances), Fashion (trends, style tips, looks to copy), Leisure (Home, Cooking, How to, Pets), Mom (from pregnancy to parenting), Sexuality and Psychology (couple’s life and emotions)

A keen eye on current events

Vip&Celebs, #beautiful ordinary stories of extraordinary women, exclusive interviews, social lifestyle and trendsetters

An area dedicated to women’s all-round wellness: from prevention to natural cures, from fitness to proper nutrition. Insights and columns curated by a dedicated team of experts, overseen by DiLei TakeCare’s Scientific Committee.


A project launched in 2022 designed to inform, tell and share the GenZ favourite issues. A fresh graphic mood and a style that is never predictable, to connect with the Girlz of today (who will be the Women of tomorrow)

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