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Trendy, social & feel good news

Supereva is the first Italian site with topics 100% chosen according to SEO and social trends: funny news, curiosities and oddities, incredible things and moving stories, taken from the net depending on what is most shared or searched for by users.

A new way of doing infotainment. On one hand, keeping up with trending topics on the internet; on the other hand taking a moment of leisure with content meant to make you feel good.

The most searched and shared trends

What blows the Internet, goes on Supereva: the portal’s strength is right there. And it comes from its innovative, data-driven editorial strategy.

Through search engine and social network analysis, based on algorithms that track growing trends in sharing and searching, a dashboard highlights the hottest topics online at any given time. Articles are then crowdsourced by editors who write on demand, based on the results and input from the Supereva team.

The schedule, thus, is not established by the editorial staff, but shaped on the audience’s liking: in fact, particular prominence is given to the most viewed, most shared and most commented articles and the trendometer, which hosts in real time the ranking of the most viral articles of the moment.

A world of entertainment, curiosity and good humor.

Feel good: what Supereva wants to leave its users with is a widespread feeling of good humor and lightness. Because Supereva is cheerfulness and fun, awe and wonder, tenderness and uniqueness. And it is a time to relax, to break away from the routine and entertain oneself with those incredible curiosities that make the rounds on the Internet.

Thus, on Supereva we find a place for crazy and funny news, viral videos, original advice, incredible things, moving stories, which cannot fail to arouse a reaction: if they are on Supereva, after all, it is precisely because they are already making millions of people smile, amaze, interest and excite.