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Italiaonline adds LinkedIn in its social media offering for SMEs

Italiaonline, Italy’s largest Internet company, introduces LinkedIn to its social media management offering for SMEs, which includes the production and management of editorial plans on the most important professional social media, according to a strategy designed on the needs of each company. This is another important part of Italiaonline’s new social offering, which is confirmed as the most extensive and complete in Italy for small and medium-sized businesses.

From the data of a recent survey* Italian SMEs claim to have invested in the social media market, in 2021, a value of 362 million euros, with a growth of +7% compared to the previous year. Nearly 1 in 4 companies among those with a social channel invested in this medium in 2021. Most of the investments were for advertising on social (74 percent), while 44 percent are for profile creation/management.

Italiaonline’s LinkedIn offering meets a need expressed by the client companies themselves, a good percentage of which are B2B companies, thus in full LinkedIn target. For the internet company, it is the first social media offering aimed at B2B, and it stems from the consolidated experience in managing social media editorial plans gained over the years.

From the creation of the Company page to the production and publication of posts and their sponsorship, Italiaonline’s Linkedin offering aims to bring the SME to generate awareness among professionals and create business synergies.

“Italiaonline’s Social Media offering has grown over the course of this year, expanding the possibility of managing social channels for our clients. – says Antonella Fanuzzi, Chief Web And Business Solutions Officer of Italiaonline – After Youtube and TikTok, our product range is enriched with the specific offering for LinkedIn, thus opening up opportunities for the world of B2B and professionals to better communicate with their target audience, on the social channel most used by professionals. From today in addition to creating and managing advertising campaigns on LinkedIn we also add the component of editorial and organic communication. So we can take over management of client pages – or create them from scratch in case they are not yet activated. The synergy with the advertising part is fundamental, which is why we have worked to integrate the two elements to the best of our ability: for example, in the packages related to the editorial plan, small advertising quotas are also included to sponsor the posts created, thus pushing the content that clients consider most strategic or related to the seasonality of their business.”

Moreno Ferrario, Head of Sales LinkedIn Italy comments, “for almost 20 years Linkedin has been the social network of reference for professionals worldwide and is at the service of its clients to support them in planning, corporate communication and human resources development activities. It is with pride and enthusiasm that we welcome Italiaonline’s communication and their choice to enrich their channels by adding Linkedin. We look forward to collaborating and celebrating future brilliant achievements together.”



* Source: Italiaonline Survey on the digitalization of SMEs in Italy and investments in “Digital Presence and Communication” in the three-year period 2019-2021.