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Italiaonline launches new SEO management service for SME websites and e-commerce

Italiaonline, Italy’s largest Internet company, is launching a new SEO offer dedicated to SMEs, thanks to which the websites and e-commerce of client companies are able to place themselves in the highest positions among online search results, for greater visibility and better findability on search engines and to be found by potential customers interested in their products and services.

People searching for something online often go no further than the first few pages of search results. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is crucial and strategic as it allows companies to rank high in the results returned by major search engines with respect to the needs of users. Any site or ecommerce, in order to be performing from an organic point of view (i.e. without considering the investment in paid advertising), needs to be prepared and optimized both from a technical point of view (the architecture and code of the site), and content (text, photos, images and videos), in order to be authoritative and position itself better than its competitors on search engines and thus obtain qualified traffic.

The SEO for Site and Ecommerce Italiaonline was created precisely to provide a comprehensive and functional set of tools for client/merchant companies that want to achieve quality performance on their online channel. The Italiaonline SEO offer, given its breadth and completeness – ranging from content optimization and development to technical aspects related to SEO – is presented as modular and scalable, depending on the needs of the individual client/merchant for a 360 SEO.  All thanks to a highly specialized in-house team on the subject of SEO, guaranteeing a high standard of quality delivered.

“Italiaonline always shows itself to be close to the needs of small and medium-sized companies that wish to invest with quality in digital to expand their business and reach new customers. The launch and complete revamping of the SEO offer is confirmed as a piece – valuable – that combined with Site and Ecommerce, in the perspective of an integrated strategy, enhances the effects that can be expected. Not least, SEO and digital advertising are complementary tools for an SME.  Our commitment is therefore confirmed to provide our Clients with tools that are always in step with market needs, together with Italiaonline’s consulting expertise, to support the online performance of their project.” says Antonella Fanuzzi, Chief Web And Business Solutions Officer of Italiaonline.