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Italiaonline presents FuoriCasa and enters the Digital Out Of Home market

With FuoriCasa, Italiaonline, Italy’s largest internet company, makes its debut in the world of digital out of home (DOOH), the market for digital advertising on screens placed outside the home, in the places of greatest transit: totems, TVs or large screens (billboards) placed in various points of the city or territory such as roads, airports, bus shelters, subways, stations and shopping centres.

Digital out-of-home is an evolution of traditional billboard advertising (OOH – out-of-home), with the advantage that DOOH ads are twice as likely to be seen and are 2.5 times more incisive than static out-of-home ads, thanks to their attractiveness and engagement*. Dynamism, in fact, impresses the viewer and makes advertising more memorable.

The DOOH market is constantly growing: according to the latest data from the Internet Media Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano, the market will reach the value of 102 million euros at the end of 2022, with a growth of +62% compared to 2021.

Compared to traditional out-of-home, digital guarantees greater flexibility, more personalisation and better measurability, making it possible to break free from the logic of traditional purchasing and planning and go ‘online’ on specific days, at specific times of day and in specific parts of the city, intercepting a specific target present in specific places.

The FuoriCasa offer, designed specifically to give SMEs access to this innovative type of advertising format, is available in 6 different packages depending on the location of interest.

The Italiaonline customer can choose the circuit, the city and in some cases the individual installation, working on an advanced targeting that exploits hyperlocalisation.

The offer is turnkey: not only the planning and management of the delivery of the campaigns in the chosen location, but also the production of the advertising video for the client, with realisation from scratch or adaptation of a video already in their possession.

The technological partner of the FuoriCasa offer is Pladway, Italy’s leading platform for Digital Out Of Home programmatic advertising, specialising in planning campaigns in transit and outdoor locations to reach specific target audiences. More than 80% of campaigns in this market are delivered through this platform, which boasts the largest portfolio of plannable circuits in the Italian market. Italiaonline is Pladway’s first and only national partner with an offer that specifically targets SMEs.

“With FuoriCasa we enter the world of DOOH, an innovative media born from the hybridisation of the traditional outdoor advertising context with the digital world. Our aim is to offer our clients the possibility of exploiting cross-media to maximise the effectiveness of pure digital campaigns. – commented Antonella Fanuzzi, Chief Web and Business Solutions Officer of Italiaonline – We are talking about a dynamic and eye-catching form of advertising that allows brands to achieve maximum visibility on large or small screens, placed at strategic points in the city. From today, with FuoriCasa, our clients will have one more ‘channel’ they can use to improve and maximise the visibility of their communication and the return on their investments”.


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