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Street food has its own award ceremony. The first national contest that rewards the best Italian street food has officially started. It is called “Oscar del Cibo di Strada” (Street food award), it can be found on and it is dedicated to street food. The award was developed jointly by Italiaonline, the Italian internet company that owns, between other web properties, the portals Libero and Virgilio, and Mauro Rosati, one of the best experts of the Italian agri-food sector.

The Oscar will be awarded to the best street restaurant voted on the portal, with all the features that make street food a real gastronomic excellence: adherence to territoriality, usability and consumption, cost, craftsmanship production , tradition and originality.

The voting mechanism is simple: users can express their preferences on until January 20, 2015. Subsequently, in February 2015 there will be a national event during which the nominees will be announced and the winners of each category will be awarded: the best national street restaurant, the best regional one and the best for each product category.