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Here comes Virgilio Scuola. The ideal ‘study companion’. For everyone

Italiaonline, Italy’s largest internet company, expands its editorial offer with Virgilio Scuola, a project that aims to support students of all school levels in their learning, a hub dedicated to supporting not only young students, but also parents and teachers with more than 1,500 online lessons and exercises, in-depth videos and infographics.

More specifically, Virgilio Scuola’s lessons cover the syllabuses of four school grades (from kindergarten to high school) and all basic disciplines (mathematics, Italian, physics, science, English…). It is aimed primarily at students, but also at parents following their children struggling with an ever-increasing amount of homework and at teachers looking for supplementary online materials to enhance their classroom lessons.

Each lesson is designed and created by teachers who are experts in their subject matter and who cover all the topics addressed by students during their school career, even the most difficult ones, using simple and immediate language and multimedia content to support the textual explanation.

The layout – modern and optimised for both desktop and mobile consultation – is designed to facilitate the use of all kinds of content.

The project, which has just been launched, will be enriched in the coming months with:

-a section dedicated to choosing a university faculty and entering the world of work
-an area dedicated to students with DSA (Specific Learning Disorders)
-news from the world of education and training
-new lessons and new subjects

Virgilio Scuola is also present on Instagram and TikTok: the students of the Third Millennium, in fact, no longer consider the web and social networks just a channel for entertainment, but they connect and have online experiences with increasingly constructive and educational purposes*.

For the launch and to support the social strategy of Virgilio Scuola, some of the creators most loved by GenZ and students** have been engaged. They have the task of proposing ironic and amusing pills, unveiling tricks and advice on the most difficult subjects, as well as covering news and topics prompted by current events.

“Virgilio Scuola is designed to be useful to students of all ages, at all times of the day, at all stages of their studies. Useful, clear and reliable,’ says Barbara Del Pio, Italiaonline publishing manager. From discovering the ABC’s in first grade to entrance quizzes for university faculties with limited numbers, our ambition is to make Virgilio Scuola the online and social destination of reference for all students. Because – to paraphrase the project’s pay-off – at every stage of life… there is always something to learn”.