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Italiaonline launches InRete

Italiaonline, the leading Italian internet company, launches InRete, the service that allows companies and professionals to present themselves online easily, generating contacts and growing their business. With InRete every company will have an effective and complete digital presence with which it will be able to stand out on the internet, responding to the needs of its customers. InRete guarantees the diffusion of its digital profile on the main

– search engines, such as Google and Bing
– social network, such as Facebook and Instagram
– maps and navigators, such as Google Maps, TomTom and Waze
– voice assistants, such as Amazon Alexa
– Italiaonline directories: Virgilio,, and TuttoCittà.

The approach of the service enhances the integration and synergy between the different players of the web, with a multiplicative effect of traffic and contacts generated.
InRete guarantees on the Internet a winning equation: Visibility + Contents + Contacts + Loyalty + Reviews = Results.
The service provides three ranges of offerings (Essential, Standard and Extra) with a growing suite of features thanks to which customers will be able to manage their digital profile at 360 ° within the entire network, in a synergistic way, with valuable and effective content.
Companies will have tools and services available that can make the difference, such as:

– digital coupons, to engage old and new customers, communicate their promotions and offers and generate conversions on the web and in store
– management of online reviews, to monitor your reputation in an active and conscious way and interact with your customers
– advertorial articles, to stand out from the competition
– social posts, to tell the story on Facebook and, through periodic posts, about your key services, generating customer engagement and loyalty.

In a scenario in which the majority of those who bought a product did it after seeing it on a social media and about half of those who make local searches from smartphones contact or visit the activity within 1 day, companies must have the tools to adequately preside over these opportunities, evolving as did the users, whose decision-making power is favored by digitization.
InRete is the solution to these needs: a unique and distinctive offer on the market, addressed to professionals, small and medium-sized companies of any sector.

“InRete is part of a broader digital strategy for SMEs – says Antonella Fanuzzi, Chief Web And Business Solutions Officer of Italiaonline – It is a solution that not only allows you to be on the Internet ‘wherever you need it’, but also to face a context in which the boundaries between the digital world and the physical world, online and offline, are increasingly fluid and to control both is essential for any type of company. Our customers will be able to respond effectively to an evolving market, in an easy, fast and appropriate way to their degree of digital maturity.

(NB this is a translation of the Italian press release)