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Italiaonline launches the custom version of iOL Audience

Italiaonline continues its digitalization mission of Italian companies and launches a new product, iOL Audience Custom, an evolved version of iOL Audience with which Italiaonline builds the perfect audience for its businesses Clients, especially SMEs.

With iOL Audience Custom Italiaonline ensures at any time a pool of users always up-to-date for businesses Customers who want to start online campaigns; in fact, Italiaonline is able to select and profile visitors for their properties for purchase intentions.

It is therefore possible to reach, with digital advertising campaigns with a high conversion rate, a group of users who on the net has shown interest at least once for the products and services of the Customer. This is a peculiarity that only Italiaonline can offer, thanks to the availability of first-party data deriving from the use of Italiaonline services, first of all the Libero Mail, the most important Italian e-mail service, and the, PagineBianche directories. it and

This in detail the operation: when the user searches for a service or product in particular and transits from the Italiaonline portals, he will find every time he browses, even visiting other sites, search engines and social networks, the announcement of the product or service object of the his initial research. This is because with iOL Audience Custom Italiaonline builds a database in which anonymously each user’s passage is tracked in each of the sites and / or applications of the audience: this allows, among other things, the so-called retargeting, or the achievement of the user several times in different places with the same message.

“SMEs represent a vast market that has not yet been explored and supported, so we decided to cover a need of companies that need more advanced media planning, but do not have the right skills. With this evolution we generate the best possible audience and give the opportunity to medium and small businesses to access products previously reserved only for large companies. With iOL Audience Custom, we do for SMEs what a great media planner like WPP does for a big brand, “commented Antonio Converti, CEO of Italiaonline.

IOL Audience Custom is the natural evolution of our Digital Advertising offer”, commented Carlo Meglio, Italiaonline’s Chief Development and Innovation Officer “because it allows to combine the richness, the quality, the freshness of the data of the Italiaonline audience with the the need of Italian SMEs to direct their advertising messages to users who are really interested in their products / services wherever they are on the internet (sites, search engines, social networks). The offer is managed by our center of excellence of digital marketing Moqu ADV in Florence “.

(N.B. This is a translation of the Italian press release)