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Italiaonline renews and enhances online advertising offer

Italiaonline has redesigned its online advertising offer to meet the communication needs of companies of all sizes, from micro to large and organised.

The main news are represented by:

– Multichannel Advertising: designed specifically for SMEs, providing communication plans, on multiple channels, tailored to the needs and business objectives of individual companies

– Project Advertising: a customised communication solution, designed to satisfy customers with evolved business needs and objectives, offering a high service and consultancy component in both the pre-sales and post-sales phases.

The range is completed by the offer of Advertising Top: an even more tailor-made solution, designed on Customers with a significant level of investment and articulated and complex communication needs.

At the same time, the range of media on which to plan campaigns has been widened, adding channels such as TikTok, Pinterest and Amazon to the current ones, Meta, LinkedIn, Youtube, Bing and – naturally – Google, of which Italiaonline confirms itself Premier Partner also for 2023. This is an award reserved for the top 3% of companies within the prestigious Google Partners programme, designed for advertising agencies and third parties that manage Google Ads accounts for third parties.

Integration with campaigns on the Italiaonline circuit sites makes these communication plans even more complete and effective, capable of intercepting users during their purchase path, and satisfying the Client’s business objectives.

The advertising solutions created are multi-channel, with integrated media plans, centred on the needs of each company, and an increasingly strategic and consultative approach to online communication, adopted by large brands and now also available to small and medium-sized businesses. It also strengthens Italiaonline’s positioning as a digital partner for the medium/medium-high range of customers, with articulated and complex communication needs, providing increasingly tailor-made and agency-like solutions.

The offer consists of additional consulting services, creative and technical, which can be integrated into the media plan and complete the client’s advertising strategy.

To all this is added a high technological component: thanks to proprietary tools, Italiaonline is able to construct a media plan customised to the client’s needs and optimise the strategy, providing the client with a prior estimate of the results expected from their advertising investment, through the examination of Italiaonline’s historical data available for the campaigns, the experience now consolidated on the advertising market and the know-how of a team of experts.

“Italiaonline’s customer base is very heterogeneous. It ranges from the small neighbourhood shop to the more structured company operating in international markets. Our challenge is to be able to guarantee each individual customer the service best suited to their needs,’ says Antonella Fanuzzi, Chief Web And Business Solutions Officer of Italiaonline. With the new Online Advertising offer we have taken a further step in this direction. Our customers are very good in their field, but they need someone to support and guide them in their digital strategy. Leading them towards a structured approach that starts from their business need, studies the target audience and the competitive ring, is the challenge we set ourselves with our sales consultants. We have translated the complexity of developing such a communication plan into a project that is easy for our customers to understand, bringing them the strategic approach to advertising communication that is today exclusive to big brands. All this is very coherent with Italiaonline’s mission, which is to increase the level of digitalisation of the country system, a fundamental building block to consolidate the Italy of the future’.


NB This is a translation of the Italian press release