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Virgilio Video is brand new

Italiaonline, the first Italian internet company, renews one of its most popular properties: Virgilio Video, the platform that offers every day the most current, curious, useful and exciting videos of the net and launches on the market a new exclusive advertising format, the preroll plus.

The graphic restyling of Virgilio Video starts from the Home Page, which opens on a selection of the best videos of the moment, chosen and edited editorially. The second level video page, essential and balanced, shows a player well in evidence and all the information related to the video and the sharing buttons in the first scroll.

The wide variety of content in the Virgilio Video library has been reorganized into three areas: .
-CHANNELS, with content related to hot topics: from news to entertainment, from gossip to the latest technological gimmicks.
-RUBRIQUES, dedicated to passions, insights, tutorials and DIY
-KIDS, Virgilio Video’s space dedicated to children that is enriched with edutainment content. Among them, I discover and learn with POG: an animated edutainment series entirely realized and produced by Italiaonline, from concept to graphics to dubbing. The protagonist is the alien POG, intergalactic tourist guide, which will take the young visitors of Virgilio Video for a walk in space and time in order to stimulate their curiosity and learning. .

Virgilio Video presents itself to the world of advertisers with a new format called Preroll+ that combines the traditional standard Preroll with a Display format, both desktop and mobile, which is delivered at the same time as the display of the video commercial and ensures full video domination with the advantage of:
– strengthen the advertising message, integrating the video commercial with additional information and more details
– ensure visibility and continuity of presence to the brand, even at the end of the preoll spot
-build a storytelling that will attract more users’ attention.

All this in an absolutely brand-safe environment, a primary objective both on Virgilio Video and on all the other properties of the group that boast, as a whole, 26.2 million unique users of which 22.3 from mobile, for a market reach of 62%*. .
Samsung has decided to christen the new Virgilio Video advertising proposal by sponsoring its launch with a weekly planning of the Preroll+ dedicated to its Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

“The commitment and investment in the quality of our video product continues, both on the user side, for which we have renewed the layout of Virgilio Video and reorganized and renewed the contents, and on the advertisers side, with the introduction of a new advertising format in which we believe a lot and which has as a distinctive feature the fact that it acts simultaneously on the upper part of the communication funnel and on the lower ones, thanks to the presence of the display element coordinated with the preroll. As always we are a reference partner for brands that want to manage a premium positioning,” said Domenico Pascuzzi, Marketing Director Publishing Italiaonline.

* Source: Audiweb 2.0 Media View, powered by Nielsen, TDA, July 2020

NB This is a translation of the Italian press release