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Libero Pay: pay your bills online in a few moments with Libero Mail

Libero Pay has arrived, the innovative service that allows users of Libero Mail, the Italiaonline property
used by around 9 million users/month* to pay for a series of utility services online. Bills and daily life
expenses can be managed directly by email in a few moments and wherever you are.
Libero Pay, in fact, allows all those who own a Libero mailbox to pay online postal, bank (MAV, RAV or
Freccia) or PagoPA payment notices (including the car bill) in a simple, cheap and fast way. The service is
totally secure thanks to 3DSecure technology.
Designed for those who don’t want to queue at the counter and have direct debits to their current account
with greater control over expenses, the service can be activated with a click from your Libero Mail inbox
and can be reached both from Libero Mail and from the homepage, even on the move. Users only
enter their profile data on Libero Pay for the first time and always find it pre-filled in at the time of
payment. When he has to pay, for example, an electricity or gas bill, a car bill, a financing instalment or
a tax to the public administration, he simply needs to access Libero Pay and add the data of the bill in his
possession. At each operation the user will receive confirmation of payment directly in the Free Mail box,
well organized in the Utility Tab.
The bulletin cost per user – 1.50 € – is the lowest among the operators on the market**.

“We are really proud of this new service combined with Libero Mail – declares Domenico Pascuzzi, Marketing
Director Publishing of Italiaonline – not only because it is an additional and precious feature that enriches
the most used among our properties, but also because we are sure that our users will discover in Libero
Pay a great help that will allow them to save time and money, in a simple, safe and totally digital way”.
* 8.8 mio – Audiweb 2.0 Media View, powered by Nielsen, TDA, March 2020
** Excluding PosteItaliane digital channels

(NB This is a translation of the Italian press release)