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Economy, markets, jobs is Italiaonline’s magazine dedicated to the world of economics, finance and labor: for years, a point of reference for those who seek clear answers online to “decipher” economic-financial events and make informed choices on tax, personal savings and retirement planning.
QuiFinanza dialogues daily with hundreds of thousands of users: finance enthusiasts, small investors, savers, professionals and SMEs. And it does so with impartiality and competence, respecting the vocation that has inspired it since its inception: to be useful, by informing.

Economy, markets, labor. And much more.

A specialized team (editor, SEO expert, video specialist, social media manager) every day offers news and insights on the main economic-financial facts, a focus on stock market indexes and the trend of the main international markets, as well as guides on new laws and tax bonuses, useful information on labor, welfare and savings.
Not only close current events but also stories, exclusive interviews with business men and women and columns designed for those who are not experts but want to understand.


A new area dedicated to the ESG world and how to Do Business (and Live) Sustainably.
Daily articles, podcasts, videos and infographics curated by a pool of experts on Sustainable Finance and Governance initiatives based on ethical criteria.
Ample space for insights on green lifestyles, work-life balance and smart mobility.

QuiFinanza Green

QuiFinanza Lifestyle

QF Lifestyle is an editorial project dedicated to the world of men’s lifestyle that allows our advertisers to connect with a high-spending target, attentive to trends and lovers of luxury and top-of-the-range products. A team of specialized authors tells the main trends of men’s fashion, urban styles, wellness, work-life balance, and new trends.

QuiFinanza Lifestyle