Virgilio, the Italians' portal. An Italiaonline's brand.


The Italians’ portal

Virgilio is the first-ever web portal in Italy. Founded in 1996 as a search engine and web directory manually edited by a team of editors, over the years it has evolved, becoming a general portal.
Its content organised into thematic channels and by geolocalized areas, combined with webmail, search, chat and community services, have made Virgilio a reference point in the Italian web panorama. That’s how it is, how it was and how it will be.

Where global, national and local intersect.

All the beauty of the Internet

  • The main news from Italy and the world
  • The trends of the moment and the most interesting fun facts
  • Comprehensive information and entertainment

All the best, city by city.

  • A portal dedicated to every city and town in Italy
  • News, events, companies and useful local info
  • The right place to find what you need in any location

Services targeted to users

Thematic channels

Virgilio’s sections deepen a wide range of topics, sorted by thematic inner channels such as Virgilio Notizie, Virgilio Sport, Virgilio Motori and Virgilio Video, or by sector-based vortals launched from the home page.


As one of the first free Italian webmail providers, Virgilio has always been among the top email providers for its number of active inboxes thanks to its steadily improving user experience and highly loyal customer base.


A search engine with an algorithm developed in collaboration with Bing, to better explore the web and find everything you want, when you want.


Blogs, forums, chats, dating, questions and answers, and more: Virgilio’s community is a reference point for thousands of Italians to meet, interact and make themselves heard online.

Designs and apps for every type of device

Virgilio Mail App

A simple interface, intuitive usability and multi-account capabilities to simultaneously manage all the inboxes from any provider on one app, for iOS and Android.

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