Italiaonline, Italy’s leading internet company, has renewed and updated one of its most famous and beloved brands:, the directory that connects millions of people and businesses every day, and whose performance continues to record numbers: 6.4 million unique users per month*, an average of 4.5 million searches carried out and 3 million company profiles**, with growth of 130% in 2021 vs. 2020 in searches on Google***.

In its new online version, PagineGialle presents itself as a local hero, with a clear, fresh and modern graphic design, capable of attracting an even greater number of users, to generate more and more local contacts for businesses and professionals.

The restyling emphasizes the “local” nature of PagineGialle, as underlined by the claim on the home page, “Find everything just a stone’s throw from you”, and aims to simplify the experience of its many users. Great attention has been paid to the “mobile first” experience, in order to respond quickly to the needs of those who use the service on the move.

The new homepage invites users to use the search to find all the answers they are looking for in their vicinity; the new iconography gives greater emphasis to the most popular categories. On the new search results page, filters have been optimized to make them easier to use.

The actions to contact the companies (Call, Write us, Quote) are now more evident through the color and the new graphic style, as well as the map, now more intuitive.

The new company profile offers even more emphasis on photographic and video content, with modules designed specifically in conjunction with the InRete service, which was recently launched on the market and is aimed at all businesses that want to present themselves online and interact with their customers in the best possible way: a Coupon module (which allows companies to offer a discount to PagineGialle users) and the “Social Wall” (for the most active companies on social networks, with visibility of the latest posts published).

“The new is the result of a process of continuous listening to the needs of our end users and the companies that have chosen us as their partner. We are providing concrete answers through a service that innovates, changes and evolves into a fully digital search experience but one that is firmly rooted in the reference territory,” comments Carlo Meglio, Chief Online Directories and Local Marketplaces Officer of Italiaonline. “The new online version of PagineGialle represents the first milestone in a path of evolution that will lead the brand to the creation of a ‘complete digital experience’ in 2022, enabling anyone searching online for a company contact to request timely information, book appointments and check the availability of services and products directly on”

*Source: Audiweb 2.0 View, powered by Nielsen, TDA Monthly Active Users Jan. 2022

** Source: Internal data

*** Source: Sistrix

(NB this is a translation of the Italian press release)