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Italiaonline is the top Italian internet company, providing a complete range of products and services aimed to digitalize the enterprises.

This section contains Italiaonline S.p.A. documentation the publication of which was mandatory up to the day of delisting of the Company’s ordinary and savings shares.


Italiaonline – company listed on the MTA market by Borsa Italiana – is the top Italian internet company, with 4.9* million unique users (of which 3.1* million from smartphones) who daily surf on its web properties and a 61%** market reach. Italiaonline offers web marketing and digital advertising solutions, including media planning and lead generation services through social and media search engines. Company’s strategic aim is to consolidate the leadership in the digital advertising market for big accounts and in local marketing services, while its mission is to digitalize national SMEs. To SMEs, Italy’s real economic backbone, Italiaonline offers a complete products portfolio integrated on the entire value chain of digital services, from online presence to digital advertising, web design, web marketing and cloud solutions.

Italiaonline currently subsumes Libero, Virgilio and superEva portals, services for businesses and citizens by Pagine Gialle, Pagine Bianche and Tuttocittà, the online advertising concessionary IOL Advertising and 48 Media Agencies spread throughout Italy which, thanks to more than 680 agents, constitute the largest Italian network of service and product consultants for large and small businesses, serving over 200,000 SMEs and about 700 large customers.

MILLION unique users per day*

MILLION unique users per day from smartphones*


Market reach**

Large accounts***

Active customers SMEs***

* Source: Audiweb 2.0, powered by Nielsen – Total Digital Audience | DAUs – Daily Active Users – May 2019.
** Source: Audiweb 2.0, powered by Nielsen – Total Digital Audience | MAUs – Monthly
Active Users – May 2019.
*** Number of active customers, 12 months average at 30 June 2019.

H1 2019

Million € REVENUES

Million € EBITDA*

* 26.3 Million € EBITDA normalised


EBITDA margin**

** 17.5% EBITDA margin normalised

Million € FREE CASH FLOW (Unlevered)

Fiscal Year 2018

Million € REVENUES

Million € EBITDA*

* 56.1 Million € EBITDA normalised


EBITDA Margin**

** 17.3% EBITDA Margin normalised

Million € FREE CASH FLOW (Unlevered)


H1 2019 normalised figures are net of normalised items (items not considered representative of the normal elements of the business and not to be considered for the purposes of a homogeneous comparison) mainly deriving from the release of provisions made in previous years in relation to the reorganisation process (equal to €2.0 m).

FY 2018 normalised figures are net of non-recurring items deriving mainly from the release of provisions made in previous years (equal to €11.3), and net of the positive outcome of some previous litigation (€6 m).


A history of growth and successfully executed M&A.

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Investment highlights


Italiaonline is the largest internet company in Italy, best positioned to capture opportunities for development and growth of the market with an aggregator role.


In Italy the digital advertising market still shows wide margins of growth, given the delay in the use and development of the internet compared to the European average.


Italiaonline has a vast and widespread sales network extended throughout the country, which allows to penetrate deeply every segment of local business.

Customer base

Italiaonline has a quality and diversified customer portfolio, which ranges from multinational brands, to large companies, to small and medium-sized companies.


A complete offer of products and services integrated with web properties, technology partnerships with leading internet players and strategic relationships with Google and Facebook: Italiaonline shows a unique ability to digitalize small and medium-sized businesses.


The direction taken by corporate strategies highlights a clear path to sustainable profitable growth.


Italiaonline is led by an expert management in the digital industry, with a solid track-record in Merge & Acquisition operations.