Libero Mail, the Italiaonline email service, with 9.7 million active accounts*, has been enriched with new features, to put users at the center with content and services that can be adapted to the needs and preferences of each, according to a model of “personal cloud” that can be used to quickly carry out a series of daily activities in one’s digital life.

The new welcome page of Libero Mail becomes more and more a “showcase” to have at hand services of interest and useful editorial content and always up to date.
The page has a new look, is even more customizable and is enriched with new widgets: shopping, games, online payments, interviews, podcasts.
It was also introduced a sidebar to have at a glance the list of all Libero services, with an indication of those active, as well as an easy entry point to them. Now, therefore, Libero Mail users can use “on the fly” all the utilities offered by the world of Libero: not only JumboMail to send large files or virtual drive to save attachments and personal files, but also the games of Libero Game and LiberoFun, the offers of Libero Cashback and Libero Shopping or even the features of Libero Pay, which allows Libero Mail users to pay online a range of utilities, from bills to pagoPA services and much more.

Another new feature of Libero Mail is the integration with the Docs suite, consisting of the Text, Spreadsheet and Presentation programs, connected to the Drive space, where documents can be saved along with all other personal files. Without having to install anything, Docs allows you to work with your documents from your PC, smartphone and tablet and encourages teamwork, allowing multiple users to work on the same document at the same time. And again: the Smart newsletter, a new feature of the Smart Inbox that allows you to organize the emails received into different categories for easier reading.

Finally, Libero Mail Blog is born, a section dedicated to in-depth articles, to let users know in detail Libero Mail, with its features and related services. Among insights and guides, there is also space to deal with issues related to information security, to which Italiaonline has always been attentive.

Libero Mail is responsive and allows the planning of high-impact advertising formats, display and video. The new welcome page can be planned both individually and in combination with the home page of Libero or Virgilio, to always reach the target desired by advertisers.

“Libero Mail is an all-Italian story, made of innovation and always with our users at the center, which for us is not a slogan, but an effective and constant commitment, aimed at taking care of every aspect of the product according to the needs of those who use it,” said Domenico Pascuzzi, Publishing Director of Italiaonline. “Today Libero Mail is a modern product, highly appreciated, with a very consolidated consumer and microbusiness user base. Email is one of the longest-lived products on the Internet: for this reason, our vision is to evolve it towards a “personal cloud” model of integrated services. On the adv side, email and our Customer Data Platform represent the most important assets of our offer based on first party data and on alternative solutions to cookies”.

NB This is a translation of the Italian press release


* Source: internal data, 90 days active mailboxes, Jan 2021