Italiaonline, the largest Italian internet company, owner among the others of the brand, launches Libero Shopping, the new portal dedicated to online shopping, whose goal is to help users choose which product is best suited to their needs, for informed and satisfying purchases, at affordable prices.

On Libero Shopping are available a wide variety of buying guides and product tests made by experts and professionals in the field, with the support of the most authoritative reviews. The buying guides also include very easy-to-read comparison tables. At a glance, the user is able to identify the features of all products and compare them with each other, immediately weighing the advantages and disadvantages of each item. Evaluations take place absolutely independently of brands and manufacturers, with iso9001:2015 certified procedures and tests.

Home, tech, fashion and health & wellness are the categories with which the service debuts, which will increase monthly according to the trends and interests of users, providing the best online offers of technology products, furniture, make-up, clothing and fashion accessories, equipment and clothing for sports. Through a direct link, finally, the user is able to buy on the websites of the most famous vendors. Next step: during 2021 Libero Shopping will integrate videos and multimedia content to support the year that has seen a huge increase in online transactions and e-commerce purchases,

Libero Shopping’s objective is to simplify the purchasing decision-making process of our users and readers by testing, analyzing and comparing the most popular products on the market for them. In this way we want to meet, once again, a need of our users, which is to buy products safely, aware of the pros and cons and reassured by the reviews of other buyers and the expertise of our experts,” said Domenico Pascuzzi, Marketing Director Publishing Italiaonline.