Just a few days after the launch of the PagineBianche Salute portal – the marketplace for real-time booking of specialist visits and diagnostic examinations at the best hospitals – which will be added to the Italiaonline properties, the digital campaign by the creative community KleinRusso is underway. The aim is to convey the immediacy of access to care through a simple, fast and secure booking process.


The launch campaign of PagineBianche Salute introduces the new brand payoff, “First you visit, first you visit”, which summarizes and describes the distinctive strength of the service: the ease of booking examinations and tests directly online. The campaign is developed through a multi-subject pop, which uses the colorful and ironic world of the circus as a metaphor for the difficulties (acrobatics, somersaults, challenges to the limit of the human) that the user encounters every day when it comes to book visits and examinations. Thanks to the call to action that emphasizes the ease of booking immediately online, PagineBianche Salute becomes the natural answer to this type of need.


“We all have experience with long phone searches, queues and wasted time trying to book a specialist visit or exam. Things that can put a strain on anyone’s patience and serenity – comments Roberto Giacchi, CEO of Italiaonline. PagineBianche Salute was therefore created with the precise aim of being a help and facilitating the lives of customers and patients, thanks to digital technology. Not to mention the benefits also for operators in the sector who, thanks to PagineBianche Salute, increase the number of contacts and reduce their administrative workload. The newly launched campaign encapsulates, in an ironic and amusing way, the basic concept of the project: no more phenomenal efforts. From today, booking a visit or an exam can be quick and easy.”


The planning is by the Mindshare media center and is articulated as follows: video pre-roll, display, DEM and social formats.


With this campaign, Italiaonline continues its fruitful collaboration with the KleinRusso agency, which has already brought three awards, two of which were assigned last night: bronze at the NC Digital Awards, silver and bronze at the “l’Italia che comunica” award by UNA (Aziende della comunicazione unite).




Client: Italiaonline

Chief Communication Officer: Giorgia Camandona

Media planning & creativity: Chiara Magnabosco

Agency: KleinRusso

CEO: Fabrizio Russo

Executive Creative Director: Antonio Fatini

Client Director Manuela Bartelli

Strategic planner: Sandro Volpe

Account executive: Valentina Beretta

Media center: Mindshare



(NB This is a translation of the Italian press release)