Italiaonline, Italy’s largest internet company and owner of the Pagine Bianche brand, has created the new business unit Italiaonline Health Tech and is launching the Pagine Bianche Salute portal, with the aim of facilitating access to healthcare by making the process of booking a visit or examination simpler and more immediate.

All in a simple, fast and safe way.


The healthcare sector, in Italy as in the rest of the world, is characterized by a growing demand for health-related services: a trend driven by some global factors (progressive aging of the population, chronic diseases, growth of clinical complexity, increased access to information by patients…) in which the role of digital innovation is increasingly important, further accelerated, in the last year, by the events related to Covid-19.


In this context, Pagine Bianche Salute allows people who need to book a visit or an examination to compare the availability in real time of several facilities at the same time, to choose the facility/appointment date combination that best meets their needs, to confirm the booking and, if they wish, to pay online, at any time and from the comfort of their homes or offices. All this for a total of over 500 services.

In addition, by booking with Pagine Bianche Salute, the user has access to an accurate follow-up with post-visit questionnaires, consultation of the history of their visits and examinations, and reminders of check-ups.

From the portal you can book not only specialist visits, but also diagnostic tests such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, gastroscopy and colonoscopy, with the guarantee that the services will be carried out in the best health facilities.

The service is currently available in Rome and other cities in Lazio and among the hospitals where you can book are the CristoRe and Rome American Hospital in Rome, the ICOT in Latina and Sant’Anna in Pomezia.

Gradually, the offer will be extended throughout the major cities of Italy.


Pagine Bianche Salute also features a magazine with informative editorial content on health and wellness: up-to-date and authoritative contributions related to prevention, diagnostics, diseases and symptoms, signed by medical specialists.


“I firmly believe that the Pagine Bianche Salute project can really give value to all those involved – said Roberto Giacchi, CEO of Italiaonline -. First and foremost, it will give value to individuals, allowing them to quickly and easily view the entire offer on the territory related to the visit or examination they are looking for. It will give value to health facilities and health professionals, to whom Italiaonline offers itself as a strategic partner in their digitalization process, enhancing their online presence and offering them not only a qualified space for communication of their services, but also the possibility of acquiring user bookings immediately”.                                        .                                                                                       .

“We are happy to be among the first facilities on Pagine Bianche Salute – says Massimo Miraglia, General Manager of the Giomi Group – because we believe that the experience offered by the portal, through the simplification of the booking phase, can make access to prevention and treatment more immediate and faster, to the benefit of patients and health workers”.


“We are convinced that Pagine Bianche Salute can be an innovative way to make the group’s facilities and our services of excellence known to a wider pool of people, favoring those who, in increasing numbers, prefer the online booking method,” comments Ilaria Micacchi, General Manager of HCI Roma Group – Rome American Hospital – Centro Diagnostico Pigafetta Ostiense- Villa Annamaria.

NB This is a translation of the Italian press release