Firstonline, an independent online newspaper of economics, finance and stock exchange active since May 2011 joins the network of Newsonline, the Business Unit within Italiaonline, conceived as exclusive concessionaire for the sale of advertising space for a significant pool of native digital sites in the news&information category.


Firstonline, published by AL Iniziative Editoriali srl, chaired by Ernesto Auci and directed by Franco Locatelli, has quickly become a reference point for economic and financial information in Italy, thanks to the experience and expertise of its editorial staff, the professionals who collaborate with it, the reliability of its content and the quality of its audience.

. is the first eco-fin news site to join the Newsonline network, which already includes the following publishers and their respective titles:

– SEM srl, with the sites (director Alberto Francavilla) and (director Claudia Montanari).

– Globalist Italia, with the sites and (director Gianni Cipriani

– srl, with (director Luca Raimondi)

– Linkiesta, with (director Christian Rocca), European and Gastronomika

– Entire Digital, with (director Daniele Orlandi)

– Editorial Genesis, with (director Alessandra Ravetta)



The entry of Firstonline, expands and enriches the Newsonline project, created to give value to the work of quality online publishers, establishing a direct dialogue with each of them, with the aim of creating the most important news pole of digital advertising in the country.



The initiative consists in putting together the wealth of skills, resources and technologies of iOL Advertising, the first digital dealership in Italy in terms of the number of unique users per day, enriched with a dedicated structure headed by Luca Paglicci, who is responsible for the advertising revenues of the network, the main source of revenue for each of its affiliates. Aggregated into a single advertising network, these realities with an already consolidated audience are able to represent a catchment area that can be compared with the main national publishers.


“Newsonline’s young family is expanding rapidly and we are very happy to welcome today a site like Firstonline that since its birth has been able to carve out a well-defined space in the panorama of economic-financial digital information for seriousness and authoritativeness – said Fabio Peloso, Chief Commercial Officer Italiaonline – We are sure that the audience specifies that the magazine brings in dowry will be of great interest to a slice of our advertising investors who always look very carefully to segments of the audience so strongly characterized, with benefits for the entire network.


“Born about ten years ago, Firstonline has grown to reach the current flattering results of diffusion, with its own strengths alone. Today the agreement with Italiaonline – said President Ernesto Auci – marks for us, on the one hand, the recognition of what has been done so far, and on the other hand it opens a new phase of growth of our magazine that aims to achieve further and more advanced dissemination targets, while consolidating the reliability and authoritativeness of our information. Our ambition is to offer readers a safe guide to orient themselves confidently in the convulsions, and often confused, political, economic and financial events that affect an interconnected world, but which is crossed by conflicting and not infrequently violent tremors. And we are sure that within the Italiaonline network, we will be able to reach a larger number of advertising investors who can appreciate the quality of our information”.



NB This is a translation of the Italian press release