Italiaonline’s new campaign, conceived and created by the creative community KleinRusso, has been on air since 17 May. The success and awareness generated by the jingle of the corporate campaign released this fall has been strong and it proposes a new creativity in a karaoke key to promote the e-commerce product.

In these months, when online sales have transformed from business opportunities for large retailers to an indispensable channel for small businesses, Italiaonline is a natural partner to “open” the doors of online business to everyone. From micro to large enterprises. Hence the need for targeted communication on e-commerce, a new chapter where the inclusiveness and strong identity of the jingle no longer have only the tactical function of storing the brand, but the commercial one: to push the purchase of the e-commerce product to consolidate and make sustainable the advantages of online business.

The result is a pop commercial, incisive and disruptive in its communicative mode, able to stand out for its impact and focus from the advertising crowd of this particular period.

Roberto Giacchi, CEO of Italiaonline, comments: “The success in terms of awareness of our first campaign convinced us to launch a new episode focused on e-commerce, the real business engine of these months for companies and physical stores closed forcibly. During this period we have therefore continued to support our customers with various initiatives to grow their business digitally. This new campaign is a clear communication of what we are and what we do every day for our companies, with professionalism and pride: digital at the service of business”.

Fabrizio Russo, CEO of KleinRusso declares: “Italiaonline’s communication was born strong, direct and original, and these three milestones have also given rise to this commercial. Needless to say, the extraordinariness of the moment has influenced the creative path, but I want to underline how what we have built with the last campaign and the freshness of an idea have generated a new jewel with which we are in love”.

The planning of the commercial, in 30” and 15” versions, is by the Mindshare media centre and is as follows:

-TV: the commercial will be on air on the Publitalia, Sky, Discovery and La7 networks with a mix of the 30” and 15” versions.

-Radio: the spot will be on air, always in 30” and 15” version, on Radio 24, on the RDS 100% circuits (Discoradio, Dimensione Suono Roma, Dimensione Suono Due, Radio International), CNR (Latte e Miele, Radio Marconi, Radio Rock), TeamRadio (NumberOne, OneDance, Radio Italia anni ’60), Radio Subasio, Radio Norba, Norba Music

-Digital: Pre-roll, native, display, DEM, social and search video formats will be planned.



Customer: Italiaonline

Chief Communication Officer: Giorgia Camandona

Media planning & creativity: Chiara Magnabosco

Agency: KleinRusso

CEO: Fabrizio Russo

Executive Creative Director: Antonio Fatini

Client manager: Manuela Bartelli

Strategic planner: Sandro Volpe

Executive account: Valentina Beretta

Motion designer: Serena Paratore

Music: Federico Landini

Media Center: Mindshare


(n.b. This is a translation of the Italian press release)