Italiaonline e la nuova campagna pubblicitaria

On air from October 13 the new advertising campaign of Italiaonline, which returns to TV, radio and digital media with a commercial that tells with a jingle the advantages that every entrepreneur can have developing their digital business thanks to the largest Italian internet company. A campaign dedicated to the target of SMEs for which Italiaonline offers the best solutions to increase their turnover: digital presence, website, online advertising.

The commercial, designed and realized by KleinRusso – the creative agency founded in 2008 by Fabrizio Russo and Sofia Cortellini Klein, which has to its credit many successful collaborations with major brands – and produced by Enormous Films, has as its protagonists four musicians who accompany with cheerful and engaging viewers in a roundup of the world of small and medium Italian companies. A light but memorable tone of voice, in line with the company’s digital identity.

The text of the jingle (in Italian) reads: More customers at the restaurant, more work at the shopkeeper, more time at the entrepreneur, more success at the manager. Italiaonline and you earn online. Before you weren’t online, now you have Italiaonline, before you did it, now you don’t think about it anymore. The reference to Italiaonline digital guide for the world of SMEs is illustrated in an unconventional way with a song that captures the first time you listen. A simple message, working on memorability and awareness, to make the message for SMEs clear: by going online, companies earn money.

Roberto Giacchi, CEO of Italiaonline, comments: “We return with great pleasure to TV and other media with a campaign that wants to take the very important segment of Italian SMEs by the hand, the beating heart of our country, conveying in a fun way a message of optimism and growth: we are the company with which “we earn online”. Being present and clearly visible on the Internet today is essential and Italiaonline is the right key to open the doors of digital business to every company.

Fabrizio Russo, CEO of KleinRusso, says: “The originality and uniqueness of this Italiaonline campaign is that it is memorable, in order to tell a target still to be conquered completely, how digital is within everyone’s reach and can make a great contribution to business development. The array of locations that you can see in the commercial represent all types of small and medium Italian companies, in which every entrepreneur can identify. Italiaonline represents, with its network of consultants, the physical contact that makes the digital world human, light and understandable like its jingle. The role of the campaign, therefore, is to win the challenge of memory, memorability and awareness with an integrated communication strategy between off and online, between interruption and interaction.

The planning of the commercial, in 30” and 15” versions, is carried out by the Mindshare media centre and is so articulated:

-TV: the commercial will be on air from 13 October to 6 December on the Publitalia, Sky and Discovery networks, with a mix of the 30” and 15” versions.

-Radio: the commercial will be on air from 14 October to 8 December in 30” format on the main networks (RTL 102.5, RDS, Radio Deejay, Radio Italia, Radio 105, Radio Rai, Radio 24), on the CNR circuit and on local circuits.

-Digital: video formats will be planned on Facebook, YouTube and on social channels Italiaonline

-Moreover, from October 28th the spot will be planned for 5 consecutive weeks in the main national airports.


Cliente: Italionline

Chief Communication Officer: Giorgia Camandona

Media planning & creativity: Chiara Magnabosco

Agenzia: KleinRusso

CEO: Fabrizio Russo

Direttore creativo: Antonio Fatini

Art director: Massimiliano Brancaccio

Copywriter: Pablo Granatiero

Direttore clienti: Manuela Bartelli

Strategic planner: Sandro Volpe

Account executive: Valentina Beretta

Production consultant: Lorenzo Cefis

Casa di produzione: Enormous Films

Regia: Gigi Piola

Direttore della fotografia: Emanuele Zarlenga

Executive producer: Silvia Cattaneo

Producer: Giulia Cirio

Editor: Tommaso Bianchi

Musica: Federico Landini