Why do stars form? Why do the leaves fall? Why do your ears whistle? Many questions that adults and children ask themselves and that now have an answer thanks to Virgilio.it. Italiaonline has in fact created the two official Skills “Virgilio grandi e piccoli perché” and “Virgilio grandi e piccoli perché (kids)” in the Skill Store (amazon.it/skills) Amazon and which can be activated on all Amazon Echo devices. Two new contents every day (one for adults, one for children) created by Italiaonline 365 days a year, 100% original, to respond to the thousands because in science, nature, history, curiosity, ways of saying.

The format and the selection of the contents are the work of the staff of Virgilio Video, which has identified the most curious themes to create videos, audio and original texts, specifically designed to enrich the use of its Daily Summary. The “Virgilio grandi e piccoli perché” work on all the devices of the Amazon Echo family. In just one minute, young and old can learn something new every day, watching, listening or reading Virgilio’s answers.

You can enable Skills directly through the Skill Store on Amazon.it by visiting the page of Virgilio grandi e piccoli perché” and “Virgilio grandi e piccoli perché (kids)”  or through the Alexa App from Impostazioni -> Sommario Quotidiano –> Aggiungi contenuto, to have every day the answer to a big or small question.

“Content is increasingly becoming the key element in creating and strengthening links with its users, who now have a customer journey distributed across different devices and platforms,” said Domenico Pascuzzi, Marketing Director of Italiaonline’s Large Account Business Unit. “Our goal as publishers is to be present on the devices that our users use every day with useful and relevant content. That’s why we decided to launch a new line of voice content, specifically designed for this growing channel and aimed at a target of adults and children who want to learn and have fun.

(N.B. This is a translation of the Italian press release)