Italiaonline continues to strengthen its position in the digital advertising market and signs apartnership with AdUX for the exclusive sales representation of Quantum In Italy.

Quantum is the leading native advertising network in Italy with an average of 350 million monthly impressions over 300 websites, powered by a technology that delivers, through programmatic or non programmatic trading, native ads on a range of information, business, lifestyle and other websites .
On the Italian market. Quantum is a major provider of ad tech solutions for publishers, advertisers, agencies and a pioneer in integrated programmatic advertising.
At the European level, Quantum is the first native advertising marketplace thanks to innovative proprietary technological solutions that facilitate contact between advertisers and premium publishers.

Through this agreement, Quantum entrusts Italiaonline, through its media sales division IOL Advertising, with its inventory. IOL advertising becomes therefore the exclusive sales channel of Quantum in Italy while Quantum teams will focus on relationship with publishers and its SSP value proposal.

Carmine Laltrelli, director of Monetization strategy and innovation at Italiaonline’s Large Account business unit, said: “Quantum is the best native solution on the market and as the internet leader in Italy we are very pleased to join forces with this agreement. Moreover, we have always been pioneers in programmatics and with Quantum solutions we can continue to be the point of reference in the Italian market”.
Carlo Poss, Managing Director of AdUX and Quantuml Italy comments “For the Italian market this is an excellent agreement because it will allow all publishers who collaborate with Quantum to significantly increase the sales of the distributed inventory.Our platform will remain the same and therefore all publishers will continue to have access to the usual tools and systems already in use with the advantage of being able to benefit from a capillary sales force distributed throughout Italy. The commitment of Quantum Italia will be to further expand the network for an even more successful service and to propose an increasingly innovative and cutting edge platform to contribute to the growth of native advertising, an ever-growing solution that enhances the contents of Italian publishers” .

Mickael Ferreira Chief Innovation Officer and Cyril Zimmermann, CEO of AdUX also say “ This is an important partnership for the European development of Quantum. Partnering in Italy with the most powerful media and sales organization is a great recognition for our technology and an important step to increase our revenue perspective”