Italiaonline, the first Italian internet company, continues its digitalization mission of Italian companies and signs an important agreement with IAB Italia, the most important association in the field of digital advertising. The agreement provides for a training project, developed on a personalized on-demand e-learning platform – with a focus on digital marketing and digital advertising.

The goal is to expand the digital skills of small and medium-sized businesses through a training program, divided into two courses lasting a total of 14 hours and usable by any device on the platform of IAB Italy and customized The contents are realized in recording studios with qualified teachers selected by IAB Italia.

The first course focuses on digital marketing techniques and, through 17 video lessons, deals with the use of online tools to promote your company and its products on the web. The second one, with a duration of 20 lessons, envisages a focus on digital advertising, retracing not only the correct methods for using the channels present online, but also integrating them with more traditional communication strategies.

“As the first Italian internet company we have the mission to digitize the companies of our country, this path also passes through their training as well as that of our consultant structure, unique in our market. From today we do it with a high profile e-learning platform, combined with the expertise of IAB Italia. We see the great development opportunities for Italian SMEs and we feel the responsibility of helping them to face these challenges with decision and with the right skills, commented Ivan Ranza, Chief commercial officer of the SME Media Agency business unit of Italiaonline “.

“The dissemination of quality digital training is a fundamental value for IAB Italia. It is important that not only companies in our sector, but also companies that invest in communication and marketing, are fully aware of the multiple opportunities offered by digital tools. This is also true, and above all, for SMEs that, through web marketing, can improve their business relationships and grow their business “- commented Daniele Sesini, IAB Italia General Manager.

(N.B. this is a translation of the Italian press release)