Italiaonline, with its iOLAdvertising digital advertising concessionaire, launches Slink, the first native user-based advertising product within Libero and Virgilio, which offers advertisers a “viewable by design” positioning that is very effective, taking advantage of the time spent average of the two emails, which with over 2 hours per month per user is the highest in Italy.

Slink, whose name derives from session and link, is a non-invasive “super link” advertising, but perfectly designed at the top of the Libero and Virgilio mail inbox, with the exclusive feature of being displayed for the duration of the user session, ensuring optimal viewability.

Slink is a product totally conceived and created within the iOL Advertising dealership, as Carmine Laltrelli, Head of Programmatic Advertising for the Italiaonline Large Account business unit, commented: “We tried to imagine, based on market benchmarks and the continuous comparison with Customers and media centers, what could be the characteristic of a product that was at the same time viewable, performing and impressive. The key to all these needs was only one: time, which makes Slink a visible product for the duration of the user’s browsing session and in focus, but not invasive. It is a product that offers all the advantages of the native world and the performances of the DEM world, because it is possible to plan it using all the socio-demo data of the first part of Italiaonline and the behavioral profiles organized in our DMP “.

Like all Italiaonline Slink products it can also be purchased in programmatic mode (both PMP and guaranteed) and represents the main novelty of the Programmatic offer that Italiaonline illustrated to the Trading desks.

Massimo Crotti, Director of Sales at Italiaonline’s Large Account business unit, commented: “As a dealership, we are now at the second stage of Programmatic, which for us is no longer a simple sales channel, but the inspiration for the launch of new products that exploit the potential of automated purchase on a database. With Slink, Italiaonline puts the end user experience and time at the center of the digital advertising market and opens a new path in the advertising world of big brands “.

(NB. This is a translation of Italian press release)