Italiaonline launches its “Grow digital” TV and web campaign, which explains, with a cheerful and fresh tone, the wide range of digital business tools that the company has to offer.

The commercial revolves around a cute child and his dad, who has trouble reaching customers and communicating his business. The target is small and medium-sized enterprises that need, more and more, a reliable reference point to manage their digital presence, their site and plan the right digital marketing campaigns to grow their business.


The 30-minute video is available on the Italiaonline YouTube channel and on Facebook and other Italiaonline social profiles.

Broadcasted on TV starting Sunday September the 24th and until December the 2nd on the Discovery network (Channel Nine, DMAX, Focus, Yellow and Real Time) with an important prime time share to hit the SMEs target. And starting Monday, September the 25th , it is also planned on our online properties in the shorter 15 ” version.

The campaign, which, in addition to the TV and the web, also features a radio declination, was conceived and created in collaboration with the IAKI creative agency and the Big Mama production house. The planning is cared by Mindshare media center.