Italiaonline completes the trilogy of services specifically designed for the digitization of small and medium enterprises: after the launch of IOL Audience, the advertising investment management platform, and IOL Connect, the service for the maximum searchability and online presence, it’s time for IOL Website, the solution that enables companies to create the perfect website in a short time and with maximum efficiency.
In fact with IOL Website, you may have a fully responsive new website in HTML5 in less than a month, with the greatest user experience for each type of device and an automatic customization based on users or at scheduled events. To the Companies that choose IOL Website, Italiaonline provides a dedicated client manager for all steps of the site, from the choice of the graphics to the selection of professional photos and ad-hoc contents (also multilingual), from the quality assurance before being put online to all maintenance, monitoring and analysis of results. Not least, a toll free number for each request of free editing.

For the realization of IOL Website also, Italiaonline has choosen a partner of excellence, i.e. Spotzer, the Dutch company that offers digital marketing solutions and websites for 450 thousand SMEs in 16 global markets. Creative sites, premium content, SEO campaigns and more are the products supplied by Spotzer, whose global delivery skills are the result of a mix of industry experts, native client managers and an advanced Salesforce workflow developed in the last decade. From a technical point of view, the platform on which IOL Website is based is provided by Duda, successfully used in over 5 million websites and multi-awarded in recent years, including an award for “Best service for SMEs”. One of its main features is the optimization of images and text to comply with Google’s standards for mobile-friendliness.

Italiaonline has developed a IOL Website offer that includes a range of solutions modeled on the requirements, size and characteristics of the various companies, ranging from an entry level consisting of small B2C solutions, such as online showcase for craftsmen, to complex sites catalogues with up to thirty pages, ideal for clothing stores or hotels.

IOL Website is also “web’s revenge against the apps”, stated Antonio Converti, CEO of Italiaonline. “The forecasts call for a decline of the apps, both for the incredible number of apps compared to the number of people that actually use them – 6 million globally in the stores for a per capita use of 5-6 apps at the most – and for the development costs. The html5 IOL Website solution is rapid, inexpensive and allows a perfect use on each device. With the ability to support the offer from our sales consultants and with the help of a leader in digital marketing for SMEs such as Spotzer, IOL Website allows us to further improve our digital conquest of the Italian companies”.