After the summer break, Italiaonline hits the ground running and launches IOL Audience, a 360-degree advertising investments management platform designed specifically for SMEs and created in partnership with Matchcraft, a global leader in local marketing solutions for retailers around the world.

With IOL Audience, Italiaonline becomes a real media planner for SMEs, offering them a complete service which includes all aspects of an online marketing campaign: the study of the communication strategy, the creation of editorial contents, advertising space trading, control and optimization of campaigns in real time and the measurement with the best analytics to provide an accurate and timely feedback to the customer. All this is IOL Audience, conveyed at once by the largest and widespread in the country network of consultants.

In order to launch a service with these features, Italiaonline has partnered with Matchcraft, that operates since 1998 in more than 42 countries, with a technology that supports over 24 languages and a full suite with proprietary bid management algorithm, call tracking, advanced reporting and Advisor, the leading keyword library and ad copy for local marketing.

In that regard, the partnership includes the development and evolution of a keywords and custom ads database for all devices, “Advisor for Italiaonline”, developed exclusively for Italiaonline and the Italian market. A combined result of the methodology developed internationally by Matchcraft and the deep knowledge of the market by Italiaonline, the keyword library provides a constantly updated communication strategy which evolves according to the needs of local SMEs and the evidence on data from advertising campaigns performances.

IOL Audience is run by Moqu Adv, a subsidiary of Italiaonline with headquarters in Florence and Dublin. Since 2009 (then in the Dada group) Moqu has gained the greatest experience available in Italy in the management of multilingual Search Engine Marketing campaigns, particularly on Google AdWords. Moqu ADV, with its performance marketing experts team, currently manages more than 30 thousand campaigns, using techniques and tools for big data analysis, optimizing millions of keywords and ads on a daily basis, in order to increase the ROI for the customer on the main International markets (Italy , USA, UK, France, Germany , Japan , etc …).

IOL Audience provides the customer with the ability to choose and/or combine the best online maketing solutions available today, and in particular:
• Google AdWords, the advertising program of the first search engine in the world that allows to reach users when they search for products or services on target with the activities of SMEs
• Italiaonline Display Network, the largest network in Italy which includes the main Italian sites such as Libero, Virgilio, Pagine Gialle, and Sky web properties, capable to reach 70 % of internet users in Italy
• Google Display Network (GDN), the largest display net(work) in the world, with more than 2 million sites, capable to reach 90% of global internet users.

“With IOL Audience we introduce the first in a series of innovative services we offer to SMEs”, stated Antonio Converti, Italiaonline CEO. “Thanks to a leader partner like Matchcraft, to the strength of our network of sales consultants and to the international team of performance marketing experts by Moqu Adv, we are able to provide a complete solution to ensure maximum economic return to businesses investing in advertising with us. Soon we will be launching more services, continuing along the path to the digitization of the Italian SMEs, with the aim to consequently increase their business”.

“Audience IOL is a unique digital marketing project for Small and Medium Enterprises”, commented Mauro Gaia, Italiaonline Chief Commercial Officer Media Agency. ” The vast experience of our consultants is added to a new technology capable to plan and customize various advertising campaigns on social networks and all major web sites. A single touchpoint available to Italian companies to promote their activities more effectively and on all devices”.