If the content you have produced is not searched or shared, no one will read it. The superEva project – entirely based on a data-driven publishing strategy – starts from this assumption. So the site created in the 90s by DADA and synonym of online guides during the Internet boom, changes its skin. A completely renovated superEva is back on track and ready to go along on the internet with Italians, but this time following the social trends and searches and launching a brand new way of making contents in Italy.
How it works: the dashboard and the crowdsourcing. The new superEva is a light information and entertainment website. It is what overseas is called a ‘lifestyle destination site’, a gathering point for stimulating, funny , feel-good contents. A dashboard shows the most searched and discussed topics of the moment, according to algorithms that follow the growth, dissemination and sharing trends, analyzing the flow of information on the main social networks and search engines. Depending on the trends highlighted by the dashboard, the articles are written in crowdsourcing, with a group of young editors who write on-demand content, following the indications of the superEva team. supeEva is thus able to offer a wide range of contents: in fact there will be a massive and real time production.

A new editorial approach. The items displayed in the superEva home page are the most followed one of the moment in the net, according to searches, ‘likes’, views and shares. The site schedule is not therefore planned during editorial meetings, but modeled in real time on the users. This makes superEva the first site in Italy with 100 % topics chosen and based on the Seo and social trends: it is a new way of producing contents that also gives life to a new profession, the audience editor, someone who knows how to listen to the networks and their trends, identifies and gives them voice by broadcasting them.

The menu. The contents are suitable for an attentive, demanding and contemporary audience, accustumed to reading the news from smartphones, tablets or desktops with a menu divided into the following categories: video, lifestyle, how to, fun, travel, tech, can’t miss. On a side, the five current trend topics and the toolbar in order to help you be the first one among your contacts to share the hottest topics on the social networks.

The technology. superEva uses an innovative content management system, called DDCMS (“Data- Driven” Content Management Sysytem) developed in the Navacchio (Pisa) and Florence Italiaonline labs. The DDCMS processes in real time the trends from the search engines and from the main social networks, along with the analytics of SuperEva contents. This information is used to identify priority topics for each content category and to see them through the dashboard. An Audience Editor then uses the dashboard to require and acquire the original content on the content marketplace (crowdsourcer and/or content providers). The DDCMS uses a number of innovative technologies including Druid and Apache Kafka for trends and analytics management, while the contents are classified and managed with NoSQL Mongo DB. superEva is the first Italiaonline site based on this technology which will later be extended to all the portals of the company.

“With the new superEva we innovate the Italian world of online contents”, says Antonio Converti, CEO of Italiaonline. “We have been inspired by what US brands like Buzzfeed do, along with prestigious publications such as Forbes. But we apply our original recipe based on the use of big-data technologies. The superEva payoff ‘follow the trend’ sums up the spirit of a groundbreaking project, which brings to Italy the new online publishing frontier”.
superEva is perfect to host the native advertising, that all brands today cannot do without when planning a campaign, and it is specifically designed for the programmatic advertising, which is experiencing a period of strong growth in Italy and which also includes the supply pre-roll video in all Italiaonline properties.