Supernap 8 stands in the Nevada desert, not far from hotels and casinos. It is the most important and avant-grade data center of the United States (and of the world). A futuristic structure, built in record time, that has changed the world of cloud and colocation in only a few months. In these days (August 2014) Switch’s Supernap 8 data center in Las Vegas has become the first carrier neutral colocation facility in the world to achieve Tier IV (GOLD) certification for operations. The certification was formalized by The Uptime Institute. Tier IV is the highest level of security that a data center can offer, with an availability of 99.9%. It means complete redundancy of electrical circuits, cooling systems and network. An architecture that allows to never interrupt server availability.
Switch SUPERNAP is the world’s leader in data center ecosystem design, development and mission critical operations, providing unrivaled independent solutions for colocation, connectivity, cloud and collaboration ecosystems. Switch SUPERNAP represents innovation, security and reliability for more than 1,000 global clients, from sophisticated startups to Fortune 100 powerhouses. And the Tier IV certification is proof of a steady technological development. Rob Roy, CEO and founder of Switch SUPERNAP, is the technology inventor and designer of the SUPERNAPS. Rob Roy’s 218 patented and patent pending claims on data center systems, designs and related industry technologies, have changed the technology landscape.