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italian specs

The Slink, available in the new Libero and Virgilio 3.0 responsive web mail, is a static format delivered by Italiaonline in session mode. There is no redirect management for the format.
Send creativities by email to with reference to Italiaonline Sales Account in copy: at least 3 working days before publication. In the subject of the email, please indicate order ID and description (Ex: LB_012345 – Advertiser Name – Product Name – Month/Year): in absence of order ID, indicate the description (see the creativity policy for details).

Available On

Libero Mail, Virgilio Mail, Tiscali Mail

Static format specifications

Image format PNG, GIF
Image size It’s necessary to send two static pictures, one for the desktop anche an other for the mobile:
1) desktop: 1.200x627px – white background. The image occupies in height all the available space, it is advisable to leave some empty pixels at the edges 2) mobile: 42×42 px. It’s necessary the Logo of the Brand.
Maximum image weight 1) Desktop: 200 KB
2) Mobile: 12KB
Title max 25 characters spaces included
Text max 150 characters spaces included. Capital letters are not allowed.
Button max 25 characters spaces included. Text for call-to-action button
Redirect No: The format is managed directly by Italiaonline

Link and tracking


URL must be sent separately to Italiaonline, do not enter or change it in creativities. Each creativity can have a single URL associated with. Send to Italiaonline a link with a domain (eg: …) or an equivalent click command, not an IP address (eg http://123.156.789 …).

Tracking – Click count

Optional: provide a click command that tracks the landing page

Tracking – Impression count

Optional: provide a tracking pixel. Italiaonline will accept only tracking pixels with HTTPS protocol (all the elements of the redirect creativity must be recalled in safe mode).


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