Italiaonline - Creativity policy for ADV formats

ADV Formats Creativities policy

Creativity provision terms

Send all creatives to Italiaonline Traffico and/or any Third Party service as described in the format specifications:

  • within 3 working days for all adv formats
  • within Wednesday morning in case of campaigns starting on Saturday/Sunday/Monday

Failure to these instructions may result in creativity publication delays.

Creativity sending policy

Order ID and description in the e-mail subject

  • Italiaonline Traffico Team sends to the advertiser (at the start of campaign processing) an email to request creativities with in the subject – the Italiaonline order ID followed by a brief description (E.g.: LB_012345 – Advertiser Name – Product Name – Month Year)
  • You are kindly asked to keep order ID and description in following communications in order to allow the correct order handling.
  • In case of advertiser does not have the order ID or writes directly to Italiaonline before Traffico team email, please insert in the mail subject: Advertiser Name – Product Name – Month/Year.

What to send by email

In addition to the specified email subject and the materials specified in the ad format specifications) you are required to enter into any communication the following elements:


Creativity files:

  • Images, animations (*.jpg, *.gif, etc.) already optimized for the delivery.
  • Please do not send the source files (*.psd , etc.) : Italiaonline does not modify the creativities.


  • Landing page destination URL or click command.
  • Tracking pixel in safe mode (if required and compatible with the format).


  • Italiaonline uses DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers) Ad Server. Redirect Campaigns require tags with macro (anti-caching and click) suitable for DFP. Alternatively, provide instructions that allow us to customize the tags, in order to make anti-caching and clicks logging working on DFP.
  • If the advertiser wants to use DFA (DoubleClick for Advertisers) tags, we require you to send both the Javascript version and Internal Redirect version.


Italiaonline uses CONTACT LAB Platform.

  • Attach always the HTML files in compressed archive files (*.Zip).
  • Enter the address(es) to which you want to receive the Dem test email for approval before sending.
  • About DEM Cpc, it’s necessary replace the parameter anti-caching (%%CACHEBUSTER%% o [timestamp] ) with Italiaonline primary key ${ID}$


  • Enter the text of your message(s) and any url, formatted according to its specifications.

General specifications

Number of creativity for each advertisement

  • 1 for:  Billboard, Brand Header, Brand Lift, Companion, Companion Maxi, Crispy Skin, Full Domination, Full Domination, Interstitial APP, Interstitial, Login Storytelling, Login Video,  Masthead Video, Masthead Mobile Video, Masthead Responsive, Maxi Video,  Mobile Interstitial,  MPU Video, Parallax Statico, Preroll, Prestitial, Sticky Footer, Superleaderboard, Vertical Video, Welcome Responsive, Wide Dominator Video.  All the formats by Sizmek have got only one creativity.
  • from 1 to 3 for: Image Banner, Login Responsive, Masthead Mobile, Parallax Video, Pull Banner, Pull Banner Store Locator, Quantum, Skin, Slink,  Welcome.
  • from 1 to 5 for all the other formats ( not for DEM, SMS).
  • 6 for: Cover+Native

Creativity weight

You will be required to comply with the maximum weight reported in the individual specifications. In exceptional cases may be agreed an increase, however not exceeding 10%.

Deal SelfHosted

For Deal SelfHosted, no delivery criterion is allowed.

DEM Optimization

DEM sended by Italiaonline are optimized for proper viewing on webmails (both Libero and Virgilio ones), the most popular browsers (Internet Explorer 7 or later, Firefox and Google Chrome), or with the main email clients.


Creativities must conform to what is stated in the General Conditions of Contract and Italiaonline Policy. Otherwise it will be returned to the sender with correction request. This may result in creativities publication delays.


  • Italiaonline publishes only previously certified creativities. If the advertiser uses Third Party platforms, he must check with Italiaonline that creativity has been certified by Italiaonline with the platform used.
  • For any information the publisher can contact his reference Sales Account.
  • We remember you that any new certification requires technical times variable by the complexity of the format and the number of requests already in progress.

Approval and Responsibility

Italiaonline will be free not to accept and/or remove the creativity provided by the Advertiser that must still comply with all the provisions of applicable law and, in particular, the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. 206/2005), the unique text Act on Radiotelevision (Legislative Decree no. 177/2005) and the Code of Conduct of Business Communication. In any case, the advertiser shall indemnify Italiaonline from any third party claim concerning the creativity put online.