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Enter into all Italians’ homes

Advertise on the popular and most consulted Italian phone books. PagineGialle (Yellow Pages) and PagineBianche (White Pages) are the place to be, because millions of potential customers use them and are ready to contact you and make business with you.

18,4 Million users

Telephone directories continue to be a quick and reliable tool for more than 18 million Italians who seek contact information and make purchasing decisions.

Certified distribution

PagineBianche and PagineGialle are the only phone books with a certified distribution of more than 17 million copies in the homes and offices of Italian subscribers.

Many promotional formats

Choose from a wide range of advertising formats to suit your needs and your budget. You will find what you need to put your business on display and distinguish yourself.

Tailored creativity

Looks are important: a creative team is at your disposal to design your promotional spaces and guarantee a presence of impact.

Find the right size for your visibility


To get contacts

Show your basic profile to potential customers looking for contacts and information.

  • Sign and activity in evidence
  • Contact infos: address, ohone, email, website
  • Three lines of infos to describe your business

Banner with logo

To get visibility

When customers are looking for you, be sure to always be visible.

  • Colored company logo
  • More infos and contents to promote your business
  • Choose between different formats and positions

Advertising space

To draw attention

Stand out from your competitors with a great-looking space.

  • Custom graphics
  • Sizes and positions of all types: from small, to large, to the entire page
  • Many solutions for any budget requirement

Sign on map

Be visible in your own town

Take your business even on Tuttocittà maps

  • Contact Info: sign, address, phone
  • 5 sizes for all budget requirements and visibility
  • Link to for more details

Small towns sponsorship

Label the map of your town

Put your territory on the local map
  • Custom graphic service with with promotional space, map and geolocation
  • Unique and exclusive position
  • Opportunity to be present on the map of Tuttocittà


For a cover image

Put your brand on the cover of our phone books and enjoy total visibility
  • In a top visibility position 365 days per year
  • High impact and maximum visibility
  • Unique custom graphic design

Inserts and flyers

Enter Italians’ homes

Leverage the ubiquity and distribution of our directories

  • Many formats for your advertising: folders, coupons, flyers, cards
  • Custom graphic design
  • Cellophane wrapping material together with volumes and door to door delivery

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