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Promote online your business in the most effective way

Italiaonline will develop and plan your advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook and across our network of websites. To give you greater visibility, a greater audience and great results.

The media planner for your company

Which form of communication best meets your business needs? What is the best period for promoting your business? How much should you invest and how should you allocate the expenses between the various forms of media?

Italiaonline answers all of these questions, and is the ideal partner for better managing your online marketing activities and promoting effective, targeted advertising campaigns at a reasonable price.

By your side in every phase of your marketing campaign

Our sales consultant helps you create the most effective communication plan for your company, suggesting the ideal investment combination and the right timing, putting together all the essential information to create your advertising messages and offering an estimate of the returns you can obtain. And thanks to constant campaign monitoring, we can intervene to improve and always ensure the best performance.

Definition of the communication strategy


Production of specific editorial content for your company


Planning and negotiation for advertising space

Control and optimization of results

Advertise where it counts

With Italiaonline you choose how and where to advertise online: we offer the best digital marketing solutions available on the market, from adv display, to search, to social advertising.

Google Ads

With the world’s first search engine’s advertising program, your message is displayed to those searching for products or services that match your company’s target on Google.

Google Display Network

Targeted visibility within the most extended display advertising network in the world, with more than 2 million websites and the capacity to reach 90% of internet users worldwide.

Facebook Adv

Targeted campaign with sponsored posts on the largest social network in the world, with more than 21 million daily users in Italy.

Italiaonline Display Network

Advertising on the largest national online network, which includes our websites (including Libero, Virgilio, Pagine Gialle and Pagine Bianche) reaching 70% of internet users in Italy.

Your ads on Google, with us.

For your sponsored ads on the largest search engine in the world, trust in the largest certified Google Premier Partner company in Italy.

Premier Partner guarantee

More than 85,000 companies like yours have already purchased Google Ads by Italiaonline, because we are the largest Italian Google Premier Partner: we have experience managing campaigns for different types of companies, and can guarantee results.

Customised campaign

Together, we define the most suitable parameters for your business, such as search keywords, ad text and the geographical area of your target users. You can quickly make all the changes you want at any time, to always have a campaign that is in line with your needs.

Constant monitoring

Every month we send you a detailed report with all the metrics so you can personally check your campaign’s progress. And if you want to keep a closer eye on performance, you can access your reserved area whenever you want.

Maximum performance

Through the use of a cutting-edge management platform, your budget will always be optimized to bring you more quality clicks at a lower cost. Get the most, spending the least: you’ll always have a guarantee for the most effective campaign with us, managed by an expert team.

Social communication plan on Facebook and Instagram

We create for you a communication plan on Facebook and Instagram, targeted, customized and optimized.

Strategic consulting

Our sales consultant builds with you the most effective Social Plan for your business and your needs, advising in which periods to plan the campaigns and which topics, events and occasions to communicate, using a unique Italiaonline know-how deriving from the in-depth knowledge of how Italian SMEs communicate on the social network.

Quality of creativity

The Italiaonline professional graphics team will realize the creativities for your social adv plan on Facebook and Instagram. Mobile first will be studied, ie designed for Smartphone use – which is the main tool for users to connect to social networks – to effectively capture the attention of your audience. In fact, on the mobile you only have 1.5 seconds to engage the user!


The campaigns will be planned exploiting the advanced settings of the professional platform of Facebook combined with the push of Matchcraft, which optimizes the advertising expenditure budget automatically, analyzing in real time the progress of the results achieved. All this translates for you in a greater control of your campaign and more results for your business!

Get quality visibility

Promote your business with a local campaign on our network’s websites, the largest in Italy: the popularity of the most important national websites, combined with the effectiveness of local advertising.

Top positions

Virgilio and Libero’s homepages and their webmail, the Pagine Gialle and Pagine Bianche directories, and all of our thematic verticals.

Over 20 million users

A huge audience profiled by geographic area: a large pool of customers for your company.

Lots of formats to choose from

A wide range of advertising formats for your visibility: check them out.

Email marketing: get right to the point.

Send your messages to the email inboxes of all your potential customers, among the more than 10 million Libero and Virgilio email accounts. Your message will reach the right inboxes without filters, according to your target and specified province.


Decide the message

What do you want to communicate and how?

Choose the target

Who do you want to get your message across to?

Define the quantities

How many emails do you want to send?

Evaluate the results

How many emails were read? How many clicks did you receive?

Are you interested in our products and services?

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