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Small screen, big visibility.

Your commercial is broadcast on Sky and local TV channels.

Ever dreamed of going on TV with a real advert for your business?

With us now you can!

If you haven’t got your own advert yet, we can make it happen for you and make sure it gets the best airing according to the public you want to reach.

Sky channels

Steal the limelight with your advert on Sky channels

Thanks to the audience of the most important satellite broadcaster in Italy, you will be able to reach an elite and high-spending public.

Sky Serie B

Get behind your local team with your TV advert

Ride in the wave of emotions: your commercial will be broadcast on Sky at the end of your favourite football team’s Serie B games.

Local broadcasters

Be on air on TV channels of your zone

To hit a even more specific local target, your commercial will be broadcast on local TV channels with which we got a partnership.

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