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Code of Ethics and corporate policies for good personnel management

The effective and sustainable management of staff is a core aspect for the success of Italiaonline’s business. In order to consolidate and spread this culture in the best possible way, the corporate Code of Ethics and policies addressed to all employees and approved by the Board of Directors deal with various aspects which are required to ensure good staff management. In particular, these features concern the protection of gender diversity and equal opportunities, workers’ health and safety, the prevention of corruption risk and conflicts of interest, correct remuneration policies and, finally, the staff orientation towards customers.

More in detail, the Code of Ethics makes specific reference to mental and physical respect for workers and to everyone’s commitment to eliminate any kind of ethnic, religious, cultural and gender discrimination. As with any other rule of the Code of Ethics, the violation of these principles is a significant violation against the Organization Model and is a prerequisite for sanctions to be applied.

After being awarded in the first edition, in 2018 Italiaonline won in the category “Value for diversity”, for its commitment to respecting diversity full circle, the second edition of the Legal Community Diversity Awards, the prize patronized by the Municipality of Milan given to companies and institutions committed to valuing diversity and guaranteeing human rights.



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* Number of employees and agents at 31 December 2019.
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