Italiaonline - Sustainability


We want to generate a positive impact on people’s lives and communities’ development.

This section contains Italiaonline S.p.A. documentation the publication of which was mandatory up to the day of delisting of the Company’s ordinary and savings shares.

Letter to stakeholders

Our strong technological DNA is associated with a physical presence throughout Italy, creating a unique combination that lets us grow relations with our stakeholders day by day. These features make Italiaonline a leading digital company, but with an irreplaceable human component to support customers, advertisers and those browsing. […] Roberto Giacchi




Use of renewable energies

Our environmental policy, our focus on energy and resource consumption.



Permanent contracts

Code of ethics and corporate policies for good personnel management.



Tickets closed in one working day

We always pay close attention to our customers, users and the community around us.



Share of Italian suppliers

We always choose carefully suppliers who respect our same principles.

2018 Non-financial Statement

Read the consolidated non-financial statement 2018 of the Italiaonline Group.

Sustainability policy

How we create value in the course of our business on the basis of ethical principles: this is our sustainability policy.

Materiality analysis and stakeholders map

Definition of relevant non-financial issues, materiality analysis and stakeholders engagement.

Human rights

Respect for and enhancement of diversity, guarantee of equal opportunities, social awareness and charity: Italiaonline has always been at the forefront.

LC Diversity Awards 2018 Italiaonline

1st prize in the “Value for Diversity” category at the Legal Community Diversity Awards 2018