Italiaonline | Sustainability - Environment


Our care about energy and resources consumption

The Group companies all operate in the services sector, thus there are no significant environmental risks related to Italiaonline’s activities as a whole, but only generic risks normally inherent in the business activity and managed according to legislation or dedicated initiatives, which can concern, for instance, waste disposal, energy consumption and atmospheric emissions.
At operational level, Italiaonline monitors its energy consumption and its emissions, even if, given the nature of its business, this aspect does not lead to particularly significant environmental impacts.
For editorial paper products, the Company only works with suppliers and printers that observe the strictest qualitative and environmental certification standards and use recycled paper (composed of at least 90% recycled material) that is Ecolabel Blue Angel certified.
Regarding the control of the overall raw material requirements, the Italian PagineGialle and PagineBianche have played a leading role in Europe in the use of lightweight paper for directories: since 1995, paper weighing 34 grams per square meter has been used for the publication.
In addition, with regard to the phone directories, the Company has been carrying out a parallel process of dematerialization, producing and offering directories also in digital formats, such as websites and mobile apps.


Use of renewable energies


Reduction in paper consumption compared to 2017

For more information on Materiality analysis and stakeholders, please read the full NFS 2018 document.