Get creative with your commercial on Sky

Bring your business to TV with an advert broadcast on Sky’s satellite and digital channels and make them clearly visible.


Ever dreamed of going on TV with a real
advert for your business?

With SKY CHIARO now you can!
If you haven’t got your own advert, we can make it happen for you and make sure it gets the best airing according to the public you want to reach on satellite and digital SKY Chiaro

Thanks to the audience of the most important satellite broadcaster in Italy, you will be able to reach an elite and high-spending public. Simple, right?









Three steps to win on the big screen




Do you prefer a commercial with archive photos/videos or filmed in your place of business? What storyboard do you have in mind? Your consultant will always be at your side, giving you her/his best advice and our team will create the perfect video for your business.


If your commercial is aired on one channel rather than another, morning or night, it’s not the same thing: it is important that it goes on air when your target is in front of the screen. With Sky Chiaro you can choose your target audience and your adverts will be aired at the best times for you.


When everything is ready to 
go on air, the Friday before broadcast you will receive an email with the scheduled broadcast of your advert with details of channel and times so that you too can be one of the many to see it! How do you feel about seeing yourself on TV?

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